Hot Air Balloon Suncatcher

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Hot Air Balloon Suncatcher

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Weight 0.561 kg
Dimensions 23.00 × 27.00 × 7.00 cm


Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

Create this colourful hot air balloon and give your creativity flight.

  • A suncatcher is a decorative piece made of a see-through material that is hung by a window to bring in and dispense the sun’s rays on the wall of a room.
  • When a suncatcher is placed in direct sunlight or near a bright light, it disperses different colours of light of which it is painted with.
  • Its radiant charm can help align the energy of your home by opening up a variety of energetic possibilities. They can help balance areas that lack light and colour.
  • This Do-It-Yourself Suncatcher Kit will not only bring creativity but also activate positive energy in your life.
  • Suncatchers are so much fun to create. Since the reflecting light brightens up the room, these are great for room decorating ideas.
  • So, Let the sun shine in. Paint it, Hang it and Enjoy your creation come to life.
  • The suncatchers are made of child friendly acrylic base.
  • The kit includes the suncatcher base, set of 10 glass paints, a black liner to create designs, string to hang the suncatcher, reference image and instruction manual.


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Weight 0.561 kg
Dimensions 23.00 × 27.00 × 7.00 cm
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